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FPV--First Person View

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    In general, the remote control model is controlled by the operator holding the remote control, looking at the distant model, controlling its posture and completing various actions. But how can we have a more exciting and real experience? In recent years, with the miniaturization of electronic equipment, we have the opportunity to install the wireless video transmission equipment on the model with very limited volume and load capacity, so as to realize the first perspective

    How to manipulate the model. What you can achieve is that you can manipulate your model plane or car from the driver's perspective to soar in the sky and soar on the ground without worrying about any risks. Although this is very interesting, it is not a new idea, because it has long been used in real high-tech fields, such as UAVs and computer-guided missiles. But it can be very cheap to use in our DIY leisure and entertainment tools, but it is impressive.

    There are quite a lot of FPV players in China. Through simple modification, model aircraft can be used for FPV. With the addition of flat panel antenna and remote control range extension equipment, the longest flight distance in China has reached 80.6km, and the video recorded abroad is 113km, the fastest speed is 150km / h and the altitude is 4685m. With the addition of automatic cruise system and OSD video synthesis (display the battery voltage, current and power) And GPS positioning (display takeoff coordinates and distance and direction from takeoff, altitude and speed) and runaway return equipment make FPV more playable.

    With the cooperation of flight control module and ground station system, FPV system can realize full-automatic, fixed-point and fixed height cruise, mixed mode of automatic driving, manual control and computer driving, real-time data transmission and other functions.

    However, there are still some disputes about the safety and legal standardization of beyond sight FPV.

   Equipment composition of FPV: carrier, antenna, video transmitter, video receiver, image display and storage, remote control range extension, camera and others.

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